Discover Our Connections

Discover Our Connections

The spirit of Pluma Peru is to get closer to nature, to our creator, to the magic of the universe , to our ancestral past; That's why we focus not on Collections, but on " Connections" 

Discover Our Connections:


A feather reminds us that there are spiritual guides beyond our human understanding, that we come here to live different experiences, develop our inner wisdom, transcend pain into love, uncertainty into hope, sadness into consolation, and remember that the end is to return to the divine.

Feel protected and loved, ask for their guide. 


From Peru to the world.

We invite you to discover and experience Andean Traditions, beautiful landscapes, and an infinity of wonders hiding in the jungle.

Wrap yourself in the mystical energies surrounding Machu Picchu, and the magical merge of the Inca past with the present.


The symbolism of the moon represents feminine power, the spiritual aspect of light and darkness and inner knowledge. It has regulatory role for tides, rains, floods, and seasons.

The moon's phases symbolize immortality and eternity, perpetual renewal and illumination.

It's corresponding metal is silver due to its color and purity.

Connect with the moon in all her phases.


The most powerful universal force is LOVE.

Love is light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.

Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have.

Love is God and God is love.


Mother Nature, offers us the wonders that can only be born from something greater than our understanding.

Let us take these gifts made with energy and formed through time, as a reminder that we are also energy, and that every process takes its time. At the right time the seasons are born, crops are sown and harvested.

Like stones formed through time and by external pressures, be strong in the face of adversity, and at the right time, you will become unique, unrepeatable and beautiful

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We look forward to hearing about your connection.

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